Alexandre V. Boukalov

The Centre of Physical and Space Researches, International Institute of Socionics
"Physics of Consciousness and Life, Cosmology and Astrophysics" journal, issue 2, 2002 .

Psycho-Informational Environment and Structure of Events
within the Physical Space-Time. Synchronics

It is shown that the phenomenon of psycho-informational (psychic) environment structuring and quantization (as discovered by the author earlier) manifests itself also in the structure of physical temporal-spatial environment on the causal level, thus forming a 'magic row' of numbers: 6(7), 10(11), 16(17), 26(27), 42(43)… which act as indicators of integral patterns characteristic to any given event. As the statistical data processing, related to 850 informations on accidents and catastrophes has shown, the number of individuals involved in each such accident has been really correspondent to the 'magic row' numbers. Therefore, it shall be possible to use causal models (analogous to socionic ones) for description of the internal structure of the physical space-time environment, and to create a singular fractal model (B(SIN)) that would include the structures of psycho-informational environment (Ψ, I), physical space-time environment (X, T) and energy impulse (p, E). The 'space-time' component of the model is semantically tied to the psychic one and synchronistically (as С.G.Jung put it) influences participants of the event forming indivisible synchronistic event patterns indicated by the number of participating subjects or objects. The B(SIN) model also gives explanation of some paradoxes related to 'recurrence of humane history' and discovered by N.Мorozov and А.Fomenko, and certain other phenomena.
Key words: socionics, structuring of psychic environment, synchronistic model, synchronics, Bukalov 'magic row', synchronistic archetypes, history.

It was shown in [7] that the human psychic spaces are structured by the functional cells of different dimentions, indicated by the numbers "magic row" 6 (7), 10 (11), 16 (17), 26 (27), 42 (43),…, connected with the objects quantity, operated by the consciousness.

One can put a reasonable question: if the psychics and its structure correspond to real world properties, then is it possible to detect a similar regularities of the environment structuring and quanting?1

Among the ground socionics statements there is the theory of the psychics information metabolism, proved by the many-years practice [5]. This theory includes the information metabolism notion, which describes the processing of the information flow differented aspects by the psychical functions (information metabolism function — IMF). Meanwhile, the information flow aspects are nothing but the information reflection of the physical substances: space, time, energy, momentum etc. [10]. Under this reflection the human psychics is described by the structure, consisted of the 8 information metabolism structures, which perceive and process the information about the all initial world realities: special, temporal, energetical, structural, which are the world components.

We have shown recently [3], that the psychic structure corresponds to the real world one and reflects the world. Thus it follows the rather logical assumption about the regularities existence in the real world, whereas they also valid for the psychics structure.

More than that, the dimensions theory of the information metabolism (IM), developed by the author [6], is directly based on the connection of the IMF dimensions and the macroscopic physical space-time, in which the human existence has place. For example, the relativistic space-time structure, described by the four-dimensions relativity theory, is connected with the first function model structure. The Newton three-dimensions structure is connected with the second function model structure etc. Fig.1. Experimental synchronical spectra. Fig.2. Synchronical diagram.

It follows that the phenomenon of the structuring and quantization of the psycho-information space can reveal itself in the structure of the physical space-time on the causal level by the formation of the "magic" causal numbers 6 (7), 10 (11), 16 (17), 26 (27), 42 (43),…, which are the intact patterns indications, charactering the certain event. The numbers of our "magic set" are the Fibbonachy set. The relation of the two successive term of this set converges to golden section (1,618).

If some object is connected with the golden section, it proves its structure optimization. This principle is inherent to the all biological systems including the human organism. Besides, the golden section is used in architecture, design etc. The same principle reveals on the more deep levels of the Universe structure.

If the psychics structure is connected in particular with the space-time relations then on the causal level in the space-time,also the object structurization has place and is characterized by the set of numbers 27 (26), 17 (16), 11 (10), 7 (6). It is connected with the correspondence of the covered space-time structure and the one of the psychics informational metabolism. It can be described by the model of the space-time (and probably, energy-momentum) structurization by analogy with the eight-components psychics model, used in socionics.

It follows that the events in the physical space-time are happened not accidentally, as it usually believed, but orderly. Under this ordering there are the distinguished structures, connected with the numbers 27 (26), 17 (16), 11 (10), 7 (6). In order to prove this supposition let us consider the statistics of different accidents, cracks, catastrophes in which the dozens of people take part. We have analysed 850 reports in the masses means of communication (MMC) during 16 months under the events and accidents participants n>42. The statistical analysis shows that the number of people, which take part in some accident, has the shapely expressed peaks in 27 (26), 17 (16), 11 (10), 7 (6) (fig. 1, 2). The obtained data prove that the space-time structure really is like to the psychics one, considered in socionics, whereas the "space-time" component of such structure synchronically acts on the accident participants by the formation of the elementary intact synchronistical patterns of events. The numbers of different subjects or objects in these accidents serve as the synchronistical patterns indications3.

Under the similar accidents analysis it rises an impression that the number of persons, participating in the event pattern, solves the differential equations system with the correspondent parameters number 27 (26), 17 (16). It seems that some reason solves a problem in a causal aspect by a causal model, similar to A or B models.

Thus it is rised the description of the causal space-time structures, expressed by the synchronistic model B (SIN).

It should be noted that the quantity of events, connected with the number 17 (16), is more compared with the ones, connected with the number 27 (26). It is explained by such a way: the first number is connected with the second, creative realization function of the B (SIN) model, connected with the description of the real world activity and thus it must inevitable appear more often. The numbers 11 (10) and 7 (6) are connected with the 3 and 4 functions of the synchronistic model B (SIN) (fig.3). These functions form the analogy of the Super Ego information metabolism model and they have to reveal rather seldom due to the lower dimention of the third and fourth function. It is proved by statistics. Thus it is possible to say about the discovery of the set of the synchronics phenomena, described by the models, consisted of the causal functions (CF), which form the synchronistical events in the physical space-time.

The synchronistical phenomena, described by C.G.Jung [13], can be explained on the base of the obtained results. The psychical structures and their semantics are really correspondent to the structure of the space-time, energy-momentum and the real events semantics.

It means that the psycho-information space structures (Ψ, I), the physical space-time structures (X, T) and the energy-momentum structures (p, E) are the projections of the unite space B(Ψ, I, X, T, p, E), which is the psycho-informational space-temporal momentum-energetical one, structured by the function, analogous to the A and B models. Under this structuring the psychics and information correspond to each other as the space (X) and time (T) or the momentum (p) and energy (E)4.

The physical consequences of our conception within the new world picture will be described in separate work. Here we only note that due to the fractal low, introduced by us within socionics [2], it is possible to consider the fractal reason space-time models acting in the global historical seales. It means that in the human history there are the synchronistic repeated patterns of historical events, which can be detected by statistical methods5. It is obvious that the mentioned patterns really exists. Some researchers of the human civilization history noticed a strange repetition of historical events during the intervals of several hundreds years till the essential coincidence of the ruling durations of the state governers, replacing each other. It was made in the works of N.A.Morozov [11] and his follower mathematician A.T.Fomenko [12]. The statistical treatment of the large historical material proved them to make a conclusion about the existence of repetitions in the historical descriptions of the ancient and middleage states, including the so-called dynasty flows, formed by the set of changing governers: tsars, emperors etc. A.T.Fomenko developed these ideas and came to conclusion that the known human history is rather shorter than it is commonly supposed whereas the historical descriptions are nothing but the forgery, i. e. the short copy of the real chronology (beginning from X century). Fomenko supposed that the written histories of Israel, Ancient Greece and Rome are mere the copies of the middle ages Saint Rome Empire of German nation of X-XIII centuries etc. [12]. Sure, these and similar conclusions are in the sharp discrepancy with the real historical, and archeological data. Thus the Fomenko conception caused the principal and truth criticism form the historians [9].

As an alternative supposition is was proposed by the author the conception of the exixtence of the global synchronistical archetypes, which structured the historical events, acting on the causal, material and psychical levels. This conception easy explains the periodical historical phenomenon, which was erroneously interpreted by N.A.Morozov and A.T.Fomenko as the copies production. The presented work defines more precisely the structure of this global synchronistic archetypes (USA) as the aspects of the global causal functions of the synchronistic model B(SIN), acting during the hundreds and thousands years. It is proved by such a way: the parallel (or coincided) dynasty flows, pointed by N.A.Morozov and A.T.Fomenko, mainly have the quantity of 10±2, 17±2 or 27±2 governers during the periods till 400 years. Thus it has place the fractal reason structuring of the human history within the causal model (KM) — B(SIN). The set of historical events during a hundreds interval forms a unite synchronical pattern as a result of the global causal-informational-energetical model(CIEM), whereas the separate parameters or the indicators of this model existence and function in respect to states can be presented by the set if the mentioned states governors: tsars, kings etc., which form the dynasty flow.

The obtained regularity proves the existence of the unite fractal structure of Universe, described by the hierarchy model B(Ψ, I, X, T, p, E) — B(SINUniv). As a substructure of this model it rises the large reason fractal model of historical events. Due to the mentioned model the quanting and structuring of the events pattern and their material realization take place in the historical space-time, energy-momentum and in psycho-information space, including the phenomena of religion, culture, policy, till the separate persons outlooks and actions.

We have to note that the reason quanting of the linear chain of the set with the number of 17 (16) or 27 (26) members can be shown by the whole set of the known historical events. For example the Romanov dynasty government in Russia was ended by the 17th tsar Nikolay II. M.Gorbachov was the 7 th and the last USSR governor. In India there were 27 Buddish governers, replacing consequently each other, whereas the 28th governer went to China and became the first Chinese Buddish governer. During 100 years of the Olympic games holding it were built only 16 Zevs sculptures. The Judea province (first century B.C.) was governed by the 17 Rome procurators. The 16th president of USA A.Lincoln was killed, the 17th president Johnson was convicted. The France revolution overthrowed and executed Louis XVI. The 26 Baku commissars were executed and only the 27th commissar A.Mikoyan remained alive. The 27 teams worked on the space station "Mir", the 28th one produced its conservation and then it was destroyed. Charles Castaneda finished the Mexico esoterical doctrine, he succeeded the 27 previous generations, his books were translated in 17 countries till his death. The Chernobil reactor RMBK-1000 was the 17th in the series and worked 28 months till the catastrophe. E spaceship Appolo-17 did the last flight to the Moon within the American space program. The Bruney governer, which won the independence for his country, is the 27th sultan. The author has some hundreds of the similar examples.

Thus we can see the universal character of the fractal structuring of the events space. The two kinds of synchronics are revealed: either the pattern, connected with the event localization in the space and time, or the one, connected with the duration, first of all the duration in time, which forms a set like a dynasty flow. Probable it is connected with the relativity of the events distribution within the space-time interval of the action of the causal function CF, which rules an event and forms it. Thus the synhronistics events are the parts of phenomena, described by causal models events are the parts of phenomena, described by causal models with the synchronistics as a new research direction. Let us note that from the synchronic model point of view the quadrs changing law, formulated by A.Boukalov and V.Gulenko [2, 8], is, obviously, the one-dimension revealing of the fourth function of the historical synchronistic model. The type of ethnos or state, their structure and dynamics are described by the third model function, which includes the norms vector. The ethnos change is described by the second CF model, which includes the situation vector. The global human civilization evolution is described by the first function model, which includes the globality vector.

Basing on the description of the Universe as the psychoinformational and physical system, possessing the consciousness and reason [4], one can conclude that the events patterns, expressed by the "magic row" numbers, reflect the existence of the cells, which produce the calculation or the events operation in the psychic level as well as on the Universe physical one.

Thus we again have come to the conception of the Universe, which possesses the unite consciousness and looks like a giant calculation system [7]. This unite consciousness can be presented by the fractal consciousness hierarchy with the optimal operation structure, corresponding to the structure of the global model functions B(Ψ, I, X, T, p, E) or B(SIN). The role of the consciousness function in every fractal substructure is played by the consciousness of every man or other creatures as well as their groups.



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[1] This work was presented by the report A.V.Boukalov “On the structures and quanting of the psycho-information space. Sinchronics” at the XIV International socionics conference, Kiev, 19–26 of September 1998.
[2] Under n≤4 the MMC present only a part of events and thus the picture is incomplete, whereas under n>4 the accidents are perceived as unordinary are repeated in different communication means, what increases the analysis reliance.
[3] The intermediate numbers among the “magic set” members are connected with secondary processes. Part of them is a derivative of the initial set.
[4] The information, measured due to K.Shennon in bites, is obviously a scalar component of the psycho-information space. It explains the failure of the numerous attempts to construct the complete semantic theory as the Shennon theory generalization. The semantics is psycho informational space (Ψ, I), including the information flow aspects, discovered by socionics.
[5] Due to the same fractal low the similar patterns exist for the people groups as well as for separate person, what is proved by our statistics.

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